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ARP 247-4204 Diesel Custom Age 625+ Head Stud kit 1998.5-2015 Dodge 24v BD-POWER 1045995-T4 PORTED T4 EXHAUST MANIFOLD ARP 247-4202 Diesel Head Stud Kit 1998.5-2015 Dodge  24v
ARP® ADDS 260,000 PSI HEAD STUDS FOR DODGE/CUMMINS & DURAMAX DIESELS With performance enthusiasts adding increasing amounts of turbo boost to diesel applications, ARP® has provided an extra measure of security in the form of... 1998.5-2017 DODGE 5.9L/6.7L CUMMINS (T4 TURBO) To overcome head gasket failures that can occur in diesel engines employed in truck and RV applications, industry leader ARP has introduced extra heavy-duty head studs for the popular Ford, Dodge and GM powerplants. These ARP studs are rated at...
EDGE PRODUCTS 98617 EAS COMPETITION KIT H&S 2007-2016 Dodge 6.7L High Flow Intake Manifold
The EAS Competition Kit gives users the ability to monitor EGTs and add an additional 0-100 PSIg boost and -40F to 300F temp sensors for ultimate control. This kit is designed for those truck owners who have upgraded turbo or turbo's and other mods ,where the stock sensors just aren't enough anymore. This kit is ideal for trucks participating in dyno competitions, sled pulls, and drag racing.
Replace the restrictive OEM intake manifold with this High Flow Manifold from H&S Motorsports. Fits 2007 - 2016 Dodge 6.7L Cummins Pickup **Does NOT fit Cab and Chassis models**