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ARP 247-4204 Diesel Custom Age 625+ Head Stud kit 1998.5-2015 Dodge 24v BD-POWER 1045995-T4 PORTED T4 EXHAUST MANIFOLD ARP 247-4202 Diesel Head Stud Kit 1998.5-2015 Dodge  24v
ARP® ADDS 260,000 PSI HEAD STUDS FOR DODGE/CUMMINS & DURAMAX DIESELS With performance enthusiasts adding increasing amounts of turbo boost to diesel applications, ARP® has provided an extra measure of security in the form of... 1998.5-2017 DODGE 5.9L/6.7L CUMMINS (T4 TURBO) To overcome head gasket failures that can occur in diesel engines employed in truck and RV applications, industry leader ARP has introduced extra heavy-duty head studs for the popular Ford, Dodge and GM powerplants. These ARP studs are rated at...
SDP 5" Turbo Outlet Kit, 03-04 early Update XDP INTAKE HEATER GRID DELETE XD126
5" Turbo Outlet Kit, 03-04 update kit Fits 03-04 Dodge 5.9L Cummins Our kit allowes you to run a full 5" Turbo back 05-07 Cummins exhaust with a full 5" down pipe Uses all Oem parts The XDP Heater Grid Delete XD126 is a simple and easy to install product designed to eliminate the restrictive stock intake heater grid on your 1998.5-2007 Dodge Cummins. The XDP Heater Grid Delete will increase boost by half a pound and is pre-drilled and tapped for water injection/nitrous/pressure switches etc. Unlike other products on the market the XDP heater grid delete makes it simple to reinstall your stock heater during winter months for easy starting.