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SUN COAST 4R100-SD36-3D TORQUE CONVERTER SunCoast 026750W Ford 4R 100 Xtreme Rebuild kit 1999-2003 TCS Ford 5R110/4R100 Input Shaft AERMET
The Sun Coast 4R100-SD36-3D Torque Converter for your 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke uses a larger than stock, Triple clutch design for more holding power. Our forged billet steel covers provide added strength while providing better heat distribution than stock type converters.

SunCoast Ford 4R100 Xtreme Rebuild Kit 1999-2003. This kit furnishes all the gaskets, seals, sealing rings, Alto Red Eagle frictions, Kolene steels, pressure plates and snap rings for severe service or high power applications. Increases clutch count in forward, direct, intermediate, coast*, and overdrive clutch packs.

TCS 5R110/4R100 Input Shaft AERMET
  • Made from billet AERMET material
  • For EXTREME Power and Competition use
  • 8% TOUGHER than 300 Maraging

SUNCOAST 4R36743 DUAL LOAD CENTER SUPPORT TCS Ford 5R110/4R100 Input Shaft 300 Maraging Mag-Hytec Ford E4OD/4R100
Mag-Hytec Ford E4OD/4R100
Our Price: $355.00
With SunCoast Dual Load Center Support, the load is now shared with added bronze bearing at front of hub. This stabilizes the load and stops point loading. It reduces bearing fail- ure while maintaining improved gear train alignment. TCS Ford 5R110/4R100 Input Shaft 300 Maraging Made from 300 Maraging alloy steel for maximum yield strength. For high torque diesel & off-road applications. Heat treated & precision ground. 30/31 spline count. Shaft is rated to 2500 ft/lbs. of torque. 100% drop-in assembly. #E4OD/4R100 OVERALL HEIGHT 6 1/8IN HOLDS 7 2/3 QUARTS MORE THAN STOCK TRANSMISSION PAN
TCS Ford 5R110/4R 100 Billet Input Shaft 300M TRANSGO 4R100-HD2 "TUGGER" REPROGRAMMING KIT
Ford 5R110/4R100 Billet Input Shaft 300M Made from 300M billet steel. Heat treated and precision ground. Comes with a 30/31 spline count. Shaft is rated to 2000 ft/lbs. of torque. For high torque diesel and off-road applications. The TransGo 4R100-HD2 Tugger Reprogramming Kit for your 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is the perfect upgrade if your trans is in good working condition or being repaired. This kit doubles the holding power of the L/R clutches in manual low.